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The National Order of the Cedar Grand Officer

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The National Order of the Cedar Grand Officer
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Grand Officer   

Stiftungsdatum: 31.11.1936
Ausgabejahr: 1959     
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Material: Silber vergoldet + Emaille
Gewicht in g. 65,15
Größe in mm. 70 x 70
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Wisām al-Arz al-Waṭaniy The National Order of the Cedar  is a civil and military State Order of Lebanon. Established 31 December 1936, the order is the second highest honour of Lebanon and is presented five grades.


The Order was created on the 31 December 1936, but is regulated by the Lebanese Code of Decorations as set out in Decree-Law 122 of 12 June 1959. It is awarded, usually by the President of the Republic of Lebanon, for “great services rendered to Lebanon, for acts of courage and devotion of great moral value, as for years in public service”.


The Medal itself consists of a five-pointed white enamel gilt-edged Maltese cross with stylised green and brown enamel cedars of Lebanon between the arms on a green enamel laurel wreath suspension; the face with a central red enamel medallion inscribed in Arabic ‘Lubnan’ (Lebanon) within an inscribed gilt ring; the reverse with a circular central gilt medallion bearing the red and white enamel national flag of the Republic of Lebanon within an inscribed gilt ring. It has a diameter of 20mm (¾ inch).

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