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Orden der Förster GOLD 1890

ca. 1 Woche ca. 1 Woche
1 Stück
800,00 EUR
Kein Steuerausweis gem. Kleinuntern.-Reg. §19 UStG zzgl. Versand

Orden der Förster GOLD
Anzahl Verleihungen: 36
Anzahl Herstellung:                       _________




Ausgabejahr: 1890
Hersteller: MDL
Ursprung / Provenienz: -
Material: Silber + Gold
Gewicht in g. 66,9
Größe in mm. 89,6 x 89
Zuschtand: II

Silver Medal with Gold Insert - 1866
With the presentation date of the medal inscribed on the back of the medals as July 8th 1866, it seems probable this was one of the thirty five. The award was for past services as Chief Ranger.

Design of medals had moved in a new direction with the introduction of the idea of a central insert, of varying qualities of gold, bearing the Order coat of arms and Supporters. On the face of the medal, around the rim, were the words ‘ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS   INSTITUTED FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL.’ The use of medal dies from which impressions could be taken was seen as a more secure way of the EC retaining control over the manufacture of medals.


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