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Order of St. John. Cross the right knight 1852 Gold

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Order of St. John. Cross the right knight 1852 Gold
Number of awards: 97
manufactured: bis 1893 =725

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Constitutor: -
Foundation date: 1099, restored 1852
Year award: 1925-1933
Fabricator: Firma H. Zehn oder R. Ziech, jeweils in Berlin,
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Gold           
Weight in (g). 17,28
Size in (mm). 45,5 x 73
Condition: II
St. John and Malta lead the identical cross of the Order, it is worn on the left side. The cross shape recalls the sacrifice of Christ. The eight-pointed attention to the eight Beatitudes of the Sermon out (Matthew 5: 3-10). Each of the four arms of the cross is a cardinal virtue (justice, courage, wisdom and moderation).
The Order of St. John and its members see themselves as part of the Evangelical Church in Germany and were also acknowledged by letter of protection of the EKD from 1947 in that status. The Order sees itself as a religious community in the tradition of the Equestrian Order, therefore women is not possible membership in the Order (outside of honorary membership). In the Order works female members, however, are just as naturally represented as in other social organizations.
Membership levels "of the Order are:

Honorary members
Governing Kommendatoren
Legal Knight

The Order gives as decorations which Mr. Meister cross, the cross of honorary members, the Kommendatorenkreuz the right Knight Cross, and the honor Knight's Cross. This insignia is protected by the state. The Order of St. John "gives" these awards in the literal sense; they do not become the property of the carrier and be out again demands after the death of the wearer. Other decorations impart religious works.

The obligation of the members of the Order to a Christian life is leading in some cases to problematic considerations in whether an undertaking has been violated, and was whether and how to respond. Such individual cases and sometimes different treatments are regularly prompted criticism of the Order of St. John, and each acting in concert.

The above is particularly true in the matter of divorce. The Order of St. John understands the church wedding as "individual mandate" Christ for the marriage. A divorce is, apart from the question of individual guilt always be regarded as a failure of both spouses. Upon submission of divorce staying in the Order of St. John (as well as the intake of an already divorced candidate) only by special permission is possible. That concerned and also relates to senior members of the Order. To put Mr. Meister Eitel Friedrich of Prussia in 1926 after the failure of his marriage his office as Lord Master. On the other hand, despite divorce because of great merit, for example, Otto Graf Lambsdorff and Prince Ernst August of Hanover remained in the Order; the nature of its merits is not mentioned.

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