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Medal of Honor General Service Assistance

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Medal of Honor General Service Assistance
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Foundation date: 15.1.1891
Year award: 1914
Fabricator: Louis-Oscar ROTY
Origin / Provenance: M.V. Michy (Marie)
Material: Bronz             
Weight in (g). 9,8
Size in (mm). 27
Condition: II
Medal of Honor General Service Assistance was established by Decree 16 August 1886, to those who stand out for their service and dedication to the cause of public assistance or in hospitals had reward, offices or charitable associations. But the medal table with a large module disappears after the decree of January 15, 1891 decree establishing the Medal of Honor for Public Assistance.

The latter was by a special committee (established by the Decree of 28 November 1911) Meeting with the Ministry of the Interior (then in charge of public support) managed. But from 1932, his release was in the custody of the Ministry of Health, the Precisa decree the new conditions of the grant.
Medal of Honor state support consisted of three levels rewarded Nursing Services:

- Bronze medal for 10 years of service;

- The Silver Medal for 10 years of service and the bronze medal;

- Gold Medal for 15 years of service and the silver medal.

By decree of 27 July 1904 was extended the Medal of Honor for Public Assistance to Algeria.
She was honored by the Minister of the Interior on the proposal of the Governor General of Algeria. All medal ribbon was given identical to that in the metropolis. The difference was in the band, which consists of a clip from a star rests on a crescent of Islam has been loaded.

In 1938, during the creation of the College of Public Health, disappeared the Medal of Honor for Public Assistance in it. Holder of the Medal of Honor welfare have been appointed or promoted within the Order of Public Health ..

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