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The order for social services. Officer

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The order for social services. Officer
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Constitutor: Staatspräsidenten Albert Lebrun
Foundation date: 25.101936
Year award: 1936-1963
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Silver gilt + Emaille
Weight in (g). 17,4
Size in (mm). 43 x 40
Condition: II
The order for social services (. Fr Ordre du Mérite social) was founded by decree on 25 October 1936, the French President Albert Lebrun and was to honor persons who have provided had acquired in the social sector services to the Republic of France. The presentation of the award was presented to the proposal of the French Labour Minister.

The order consists of three classes


In order to be awarded the medal, you had to have completed their 32 years of age. The award of the officer was able to cross the first eight years after the appointment of a knight, the commander of the Cross than five years after the appointment made at the officer.

The religious character is a siebenstrahliger light blue enamelled star with small beads on the star points. Among the star arms runs a dense laurel wreath. In the medallion, the image of Marianne, that of a white enamel ring with the inscription MERITE SOCIAL (social merit) is enclosed. The rear of the three-line inscription Ministère du travail (Minister of Labour).

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