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The medal For faultless service 20 jears (SIM troops Typ-2, Var-2)

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The jubilee medal "XX years of Workers and Peasants Red Army
The medal For faultless service 20 jears (SIM troops Typ-2, Var-2)

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Klasse: 1
Number range:
Constitutor: The Supreme Soviet of the USSR
Foundation date: 14.9.1957
Year award: 1965-91
Fabricator: Münzenhof (N. I Moskalev)
Origin / Provenance:
bras silver
Weight in (g). 15,5
Size in (mm). 32
Condition: II

The medal "For faultless service " (Russian Медаль « За безупречную службу ") was a military decoration of the former Soviet Union , which on 14 September 1957 was initially sponsored by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in two , later three classes. The III . Class was to be regarded as the highest. The award of the medal was made to the members of three armed forces of the USSR. Thus the troops of the Interior, the organs of state security forces and the USSR, and from 25 January 1958 also to the members of the Armed Forces of the USSR .
The medals of all classes have a diameter of 32 mm and are made of non-ferrous metal (early pieces of the first class of silver ) . The first class is made ​​of silver or silver-plated , silver-plated and gilded the class II and III . Class gilded. Designer of the medals was N. I Moskalev . The obverse of the coin shows the middle class I. a dominant red star with hammer and sickle on a jet formations , the . During the II and III Class is golden. The symbolism of this is enclosed below two crossed laurel branches upturned open . The reverse of all medals in the four- centered shows inscription : За 10/15/20 Лет безупречной службы ( for 10, 15 or 20 years of trouble free service) as well as a transcription , depending on the awarded area is different . In the armed forces of the USSR , for example, it is Вооруженные силы СССР ( Armed Forces of the USSR) . In addition, there are also a variety of other transcriptions , and even names of the individual republics . Still others Medals have no inscription or subject to permanent modifications during their history in the text.

The medal was worn on the left side of the upper chest Beliehenen on a pentagonal red clip with a 2 mm wide green border . In the band of the first class a 2 mm vertical yellow center stripe is woven in the center , the . During the two class II and III in the Class consists of three yellow stripes that are each 2 mm apart . The interim clip is of the same nature .
Ministry of Defence Medal.

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