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The medal 50 years of Soviet militia

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The jubilee medal "XX years of Workers and Peasants Red Army
The medal 50 years of Soviet militia
Number of awards: 409.150
manufactured: 409.150

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Constitutor: Soviet Central Executive Committee
Foundation date: 20.11.1967
Year award: 1967
Fabricator: Münzenhof USSR (Gurushkin Victor A.)
Origin / Provenance:
Material: Kupfer-Nickel-Lgierung
Weight in (g). 14,6
Size in (mm). 32
Condition: II

The medal "50 years of Soviet militia" (Russian Юбилейная медаль "50 лет советской милиции") was awarded by the former Soviet Union. Their foundation was made at the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Soviet militia on 20 November in 1967. Their ceremony was held to selected members of the militia and other employees of public authorities, which were subject to the militia.
The 32 mm measured by a medal made ​​of copper-nickel Lgierung shows on its obverse a Soviet star rests on two crossed oak branches. Before the star there is a sign that the inscription is 50 лет (50 years). The reverse of the coin shows, however, the three-line inscription: советской милиции 1917-1967 (Soviet militia 1917-1967) and the inscription: В ознаменование пятидесятой годовщины (In commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary). The medal was worn on the left breast side of the Beliehenen on a pentagonal red clasp with blue hem. In this tape remaining blue vertical center strips are woven in the middle of which the inner two are 1 mm wide. The interim clip is of the same nature. It 409 150 medals were awarded

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