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Medal For Battle Merit (Typ.-2,Var.-1, U Nr.981830)

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Medal For Battle Merit (Typ.-2,Var.-1, U Nr.981830)
Number of awards:
manufactured: 5.210.078
Number: 981.830

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 min. 347644 - max. 1133684

Constitutor: Soviet Central Executive Committee
Foundation date: 17.10.1938
Year award: 1938-1943
Fabricator: Münzenhof USSR (Dmitriev S.I.)
Origin / Provenance:
Material: Silver         
Weight in (g). 19,7
Size in (mm). 31
Condition: II

The medal "Medal For Battle Merit" (Russian Медаль «За боевые заслуги") was a military decoration of the former Soviet Union, which on 17 October 1938 was donated by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet in one stage.The medal was awarded to all members of the Red Army, the naval fleet, the border troops of the USSR, the interior troops and other citizens of the USSR. Furthermore, persons related to sister states. The ceremony itself took place for clever, rich and bold initiative action in the fight, which was shown in the successful fulfillment of combat tasks provided by Beliehenen. Furthermore, the award was for gallant conduct in protecting the state borders of the USSR, for excellent results in the political and combat training and the introduction of new fighting techniques and ultimately to ensure a high level of combat readiness of the troops and units. You could also be awarded for other high earnings during military service.

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