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Order of the Red Banner of Labourr (Typ.-5,Var.1, Art.-1, Nr.213441)

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Order of the Red Banner of Labour (Typ.-5,Var.1, Art.-1, Nr.213441)
Number of awards: c.a. 4000
manufactured: 1.224.590
Number: 213.441

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Klasse: -
Number range:

min Nr.239570, -max. 243315

Constitutor: The Central Executive Committee, the Council of People's Commissars
Foundation date: 7.9.1928
Year award: 1950-1960
Fabricator: Münzenhof RSFSR (Golenetskii V.V.)
Origin / Provenance:
Material: Silver gild      
Weight in (g). 32,2
Size in (mm). 37,5 x 48
Condition: II


The Order of the Red Banner of Labor (Russian Орден Трудового Красного Знамени) was a Soviet medal for achievements in work or in public service. On 28 December 1920 called on the Russian SFSR of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor as a civilian counterpart to the Red Banner to life. The purely Soviet Foundation of the award took place on 7 September, 1928. The order consisted of a silver badge in the shape of a gear umläufig was the slogan "Workers of the world unite!" Imprinted. In the middle you see a dam-hook hammer and sickle emblem. Among them was seen for the water blue enamel. The whole was surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves. In a red flag with the letters CCCP. Including a red star between two golden wheat ears.

The order was initially worn on the left chest without ribbon. Later on a light blue ribbon with narrow dark blue stripes on the sides

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