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Order of the Red Banner (Typ-2, Var.-3, Nr.32.314) Silver gild

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Order of the Red Banner (Typ-2, Var.-1, Nr.75.717) Silver gild.
Number of awards: 9974
manufactured: 581.300
Number: 75.717

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min Nr. 74276- max 84250

Constitutor: Soviet Central Executive Committee
Foundation date: 16.9.1918
Year award: 1943
Fabricator: Münzenhof USSR (Graveur V.V. Denisov)
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Silver gild + Emaille
Weight in (g). 21,58 / 7,2
Size in (mm). 41 x 36
Condition: II

The Order of the Red Banner (Russian: Орден Крaсного Знамени) was the first Soviet military decoration. The order was established on 16 September 1918, during the Russian Civil War by decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee. It was the highest award of Soviet Russia, subsequently the Soviet Union, until the Order of Lenin was established in 1930. Recipients were recognised for extraordinary heroism, dedication, and courage demonstrated on the battlefield. The order was awarded to individuals as well as to military units, cities, ships, political and social organizations, and state enterprises. In later years it was also awarded on the twentieth and again on the thirtieth anniversary of military service without requiring participation in combat.

The Russian Order of the Red Banner was established during the
Russian Civil War by decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of September 16, 1918. The first recipient was Vasily Blyukher on September 28, 1918. The second recipient was Iona Yakir.

During the Civil War there existed similarly named orders and decorations established by the Soviet communist governments of several other constituent and nonconstituent republics. The August 1, 1924 decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committeeestablished the all-Soviet Order of the Red Banner for deserving personnel of the Red Army.

Other nonmilitary awards also used the phrase "Order of the Red Banner" in their title; for example, the Order of the Red Banner of Labour was presented for acts of great scientific, military (technical or logistic), manufacturing, or agricultural achievement.


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