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King Augustus III Fridrich Medalille for life-saving

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King Augustus III Fridrich Medalille for life-saving
Number of awards: 40
manufactured: 313

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Großoffizier Set / Grand Officer

Constitutor: Friedrich August
Foundation date: 18.5.1831
Year award: 1905
Fabricator: Max Barduleck  1846-1923
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Bronze          
Weight in (g). 23
Size in (mm). 36
Condition: II
Bronze medal for saving lives, Friedrich August III. (1904-1918).
Bronze, gehenkelt with a saddle, the new band.
AB2, HS 1506 OEK18 2245. Ø 36 mm, 23.0 g mB

A total of 313 specimens were minted, only 40 of them ungehenkelt. This is one of these 40 specimens that later - possibly by the approved request a carrying permit from the Beliehenen - took place.
Bronze medal for saving life 6. Model 1905

The foundation of medals for saving life dates back to 1831. On May 18, 1831 King Anton founded together with his co-regent Friedrich August von Sachsen first rescue medals in a German state. Until then, premiums have been paid for saving acts, which were only granted by the Foundation in exceptions. The medals were divided into 3 levels, gold, silver and bronze awarded portable and not portable. To the medal had to be sought by the government district concerned and the level sought to be justified. The medals were awarded in 6 variants with the front was provided with a portrait of the reigning king. 1. The mold was awarded by 1831-1836 and carried the portraits of the two founders. 2. The shape of 1836-1854 was the portrait of King Frederick Augustus II., The 3rd form 1854 to 1873 the portrait of King John, the 4th form 1873 to 1902 the portrait of King Albert, the 5th form 1902- In 1904, the portrait of King George. The 6th form from 1904 shown here was awarded to 1918 as the final form. The engraver was Max Barduleck. The award bronze medal of the number is 313 pieces. The requirement is estimated at 390. There occur medals in bronze and bronzed copper.
Round bronze medal with a border. Top soldered an ordinary eyelet band ring.
At the edge of the inscription: - FREDERICK - AUGUST - KING - OF - Saxony -
In the center the seeing right portrait of the king.
At the edge by far a dense oak leaf wreath.
This up and down cross-linked.
In the field enclosed 3-line signature:
- FOR - / - LIFE = - / - RESCUE -.

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