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The Order of the Republic of Egypt. Commander. (1 type 1953-1958)

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The Order of the Republic of Egypt. Commander. (1 type 1953-1958)
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Foundation date: 1953
Year award: 1953-1958
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Silver gild+ Emaille
Weight in (g). 72,5
Size in (mm). 61 x 79
Condition: II

The Order of the Republic is one of Egypt's highest state awards.


The order was established by government law No. 333 in 1953. The statute was revised twice - by laws No. 528 in 1953 and No. 12 in 1972.


Citizens are awarded the Order of the Republic for civil or military services to the state. Those awarded the order after death are awarded the highest military honors at the funeral.

The Order Chain is awarded to citizens of Egypt for the highest services to the republic, as well as to foreign princes of the blood and heads of state.


The Order has six degrees:

  Chain of the Order of the Republic

  Knight of the Great Ribbon

  Great officer




The order also owns the medal of the Order of the Republic.


The Order has two types of design: before 1972 and after.

Chain of the Order of the Republic

The order's chain is gold and consists of two types of links, oval and hexagonal, with a twisted pattern in the Islamic style inside, connected by a double chain. The central link is round, with the inscription "Republic" in Arabic inside. An oval badge of the order in the form of the State Emblem of Egypt in a slotted ornamental border is attached to the central link.

Other classes 

The badge of the order is multi-level. Made from gilded silver.

The top level is an inverted five-pointed star, the rays of which are in the form of a pentagon, covered with dark blue enamel and gold ornaments. Between the rays one can see a wide border of dark blue enamel with golden waves, in the center burdened with a narrow strip in alternating sections painted alternately with blue and gold enamel. In the center there is a round medallion of red enamel with a gold border with granulation. The medallion bears the inscription “Republic” in Arabic.

The lower level is a ten-pointed star, the rays of which are formed by rays covered with a diamond cut.

The levels are connected to each other with rivets.

The badge is attached to the order ribbon using a transition link in the form of the state coat of arms and a ring.

The star of the order is similar to the sign, but larger. The upper beam is burdened with the state coat of arms in colored enamels.

The order's ribbon is a green silk moire with thin red and yellow wide stripes along the edges.

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