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Order of the Zähringer Lion Breast Star of the Grand Cross

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Order of the Zähringer Lion Breast Star of the Grand Cross
Number of awards: 71
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Grand Cross

Constitutor: Karl Ludwig Friedrich von Baden
Foundation date: 26.11.1812
Year award: 1838
Fabricator: P.Willet / L. Raupp, Karlsruhe
Origin / Provenance: Joseph Konrad von Bangold
Material: Silver Gold + Emaille                  
Weight in (g). 56,52
Size in (mm). 80 x 80
Condition: II
The Order of the Zähringer Lion was on December 26, 1812 donated by Karl Ludwig Friedrich of Baden in memory of the Dukes of Zahringen with which the Grand Ducal family was stammverwand. The first religious ceremonies took place but only in 1815.

The Order was first instituted in three classes:

Grand Cross

Over the years, numerous extensions took place. 1815 saw the introduction of the Oak Leaves, which initially was a cipher L, which in 1858 but not later than entfielt again. 1840, the commanders were divided into I.. (With breast star) and II class. 1866 was followed by the separation of the knight in I. and II. Class, and the introduction of Swords for all classes. In addition, the affilierte Merit Cross was founded by the Zähringer Lion. Last Modified learned the Order with the outbreak of World War II by the determination that the Cross of Merit for excellent behavior from the enemy with the band of the Military Karl-Friedrich Merit Order may result in the awarding. By the end of the monarchy in the Grand Duchy of religious existed in the following classes:

Grand Cross
Commander I. and II. Class
Knight I. and II. Class
Order of Merit

For exceptional merits of the Order was also able to come up with a Collar of diamonds as well as the award ceremony.
The religious character consists of a green enameled cross with arms of equal length, the angle of which are filled with golden clasps. The gold-rimmed medallion shows the ancestral castle of the Zähringer in colorful enamel. On the back of the facing to the right Zähringer Lion is displayed on a red background.

Joseph Conrad of Bangold (* November 26, 1780 in gap; † 27 March 1851 in Cannstatt) was a General Württemberg.
Joseph Conrad of Bangold studied at the Universities of Erlangen, where he joined in 1798 the Corps Onoldia, and Landshut philosophy. He then studied at the Josephinum in Vienna, where he to the Dr. med. Was awarded his doctorate.
On April 30, 1803, he appeared as a second lieutenant in the Garrison Stuttgart in the Württemberg officer service. On November 5, 1806, he was promoted to lieutenant and 1808 added to the Quartermaster General Staff. After his promotion to lieutenant on January 6, 1809, he was Senior Military Assistant Army Corps of Duke Wilhelm I in the campaign of 1809 against Austria. On May 23, 1809, he was promoted to Captain II. Class, on January 1, 1812 to captain and first class on September 17, 1812 to the Major. In the Russian campaign of Napoleon in 1813, he was Chief of Staff of the Württemberg troops when they crossed over to the side of the Alliance during the Battle of Leipzig. On November 17, 1813 Bangold was promoted to lieutenant colonel and after the battle of Brienne on February 8, 1814 Colonel.
In 1821 Bangold adjutant of Württemberg King and Head of the Secret War firm. After his promotion to Major General on 26 September 1822, he commanded the 3rd Infantry Brigade. In 1828 he was Governor of Heilbronn in 1830 Quartermaster General and 1838 to promotion to lieutenant general commander of the 1st Infantry Division and Governor of Stuttgart. In 1842 he was retired.
Politically, he stepped out through numerous memoranda in defense matters, which today are located in the Central State Archive Stuttgart. In addition, he wrote after his retirement, free religious writings.
1807 Military Merit
1814 Golden Medal for the battle of Brienne
1815, Gold Medal for the Battle of Paris
1815 Golden Medal for the campaign in 1815
1818 Commander II. Class of Military Merit, coupled with an annual payment of 300 florins
Golden Service Medal for officers
Knights of the Friedrich Order
1809 Officer of the French Legion of Honor
1832 Grand Cross of the Order of the Zähringer Lion
Commander of the 2nd Class Order of Ludwig
Knight of the Order of Leopold
Knight II. Class of the Order of St. Anne
Knight IV. Class of the Order of Saint George
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