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Golden wedding medal 1879 3rd class

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Golden wedding medal 1879 3rd class
Number of awards: 100
manufactured: 100

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3 class

Constitutor: König Wilhelm I
Foundation date: 11.6.1879
Year award: 1879
Fabricator: Hofgoldschmiede Sy & Wagner, Berlin
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Kupfer             
Weight in (g). 10,29
Size in (mm). 29 x 38
Condition: II
This medal was instituted on the occasion of the golden wedding of William I and his wife Augusta by King and Emperor Wilhelm I on June 11, 1879. William married a prince, on June 11, 1829 Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, the daughter of Grand Duke Karl Friedrich. Their children were Friedrich Wilhelm (Frederick III.) (1831-1888), his successor as emperor from 1858 married to Victoria, Princess Royal and Louise (1838-1923) later wife of Frederick I. Grand Duke of Baden.
Was awarded the medal in 3 classes. The 1st class gold-plated with enamel ring was awarded to guests and relatives. The 2nd grade, gold-plated without enamel was spent on duty officers and officials. The 3rd grade copper, oxidized received other staff.
The stamp is by Friedrich Wilhelm Kullrich. The separately soldered crowns were supplied by Sy & Wagner.
The award figures are given for 1st class with 100 pieces, 2nd class with 175 and for the 3rd class with 100 pieces.
Round medal in gilded bronze. On the front side with a soldered, gilded imperial crown. Above, behind the Crown, a wide büglige loop to pull the tape.
At the edge of a broad font ring. Outside and inside bounded by a raised rim.
Top left next to the crown - 1829 - right - 1879 -. Below - 11 - June -.
The space filled with opposite branches of laurel leaf rosette center with.
The trapped golden field shows the increased, ornate, intricate Monogram:
- A - W - Augusta and Wilhelm. The soldered, plastic crown protrudes half over the edge.

At the edge of a wide ring with raised edges inside and out.
It increases below 2 opposite laurel branches with rosette in the center.
Links - GOD - right - MITT - US -. In midfield together slanted 2 Coat of Arms.
Links Prussia and Saxony-Weimar right. In a large crown.
This extends to the signature ring.

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