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The Red Eagle. 4- class 1 Type

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The Red Eagle. 4- class 
Number of awards: 8185
manufactured: -

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4 Class

Constitutor: Erbprinz Georg Wilhelm von Brandenburg-Bayreuth
Foundation date: 17.11.1705
Year award: 1854-1879
Fabricator: Wagner und Sohn Berlin
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Silver + Emaille    
Weight in (g). 13,19
Size in (mm). 43 x 38
Condition: II
The Red Eagle Order (originally the Rothe Adler-Orden) was an order of knights that was awarded for civil and military merit.


He was endowed on 17 November 1705 by Prince George William of Brandenburg-Bayreuth under the original name of the Ordre de la sincérité (Order of sincerity) and from 1792 awarded by the transition of the Frankish territories of Hohenzollern Prussia, by the King of Prussia. At times, was the Rothe Adler-Orden after the Black Eagle, the second highest Prussian Order.
The order was probably founded by Georg Wilhelm of Brandenburg-Bayreuth based on the English Order of the Garter, whom he had met on his travels. The members of the Order pledged to always follow the orders of Association. This included the permanent wearing the Order. However, he also served as the self-representation of the Marquis, because every year for the St. George's Day a meeting of all awardees with festivities in St. Georgen held on the lake at Bayreuth. Here (Ordenskirche today) also found a mass in the purpose-designed Sophie church. The last Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach and Bayreuth, Christian Friedrich Karl Alexander, gave the order 1776 new statutes and the name of high Princely Brandenburgischer Red Eagle Order. When he ceded the principalities on 2 December 1791, Prussia, went over and the Order of Prussia and was on 12 June 1792 by Friedrich Wilhelm II. To the second order of knights of the kingdom applicable.

Order cross

The religious character consisted of an upwardly widening white enameled cross of St. George since 1810. The medallion in the obverse showed the red Brandenburg eagle with a green laurel branch in its talons and on the reverse the monogram FW under the Prussian royal crown. The on October 18, 1861 I. King Wilhelm († 1888) on the occasion of his coronation, donated in Königsberg Grand Cross wore red eagle in the cross angles, the medallion in the obverse showed the monogram WR (Wilhelmus Rex), of the Order Currency SINCERE ET Constanter (honest and resistant) shrouded. In the reverse medallion was located within an oak wreath date the 18th Octb. 1861. The Grand Cross was worn on the orange colored sash with white stripes. In particular merits, the chain was awarded Grand Cross. The cross of the first class was also worn on the sash from the left shoulder to right hip. The II. Class was around his neck and III. and IV. class at the left chest worn. [2] The war decoration hanging from 1864 onwards at the black-white ribbon. Non-Christian Teutonic Knights were given since 1851, sometimes instead of a cross with a silver star-shaped or round medallion with the Red Eagle awarded in the middle.

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