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Defence Ministry Medal of Civilians in Silver

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Defence Ministry Medal of Civilians in Silver
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Foundation date: 28.3.1888
Year award: 1913
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Material: Silver      
Weight in (g). 11,1
Size in (mm). 28
Condition: II
The honor of Labor Medal was awarded according to distinct statutes, civilian personnel of the former departments of War, Navy and Air:

- The Medal of Honor of Labour Ministry of War, created by the decree of 28 March 1888 and intended to with more than 30 years French officials consecutive good services in facilities construction and the War of services;

- The Labour Medal of Honor for non-military personnel from the Navy, created by the decree of September 8, 1894, and for officials of Navy facilities and arsenals, with over 30 years of consecutive good services;

- The Medal of Honor of Aeronautics, established by Decree of 12 January 1921, and for officials of the institutions and the Air bases.

The decree of 15 January 1976 harmonization statutes and created a common decoration, with four levels and varying only minimal differences for the three administrations of the Ministry of Defence.

The allocation of Bronze levels, Silver and Vermeil, are the responsibility of:

- The director of the military function and social relations;

- Director of General Administration;

- Director of the Central species;

- The central director of the health service;

- The director of the National Military Social Security Fund;

- The director general of external security;

- The director of financial services;

- Maritime prefects maritime districts commanders and naval commander in Paris;

- General commanding the military regions;

- Gendarmerie regional commanders;

- General commanding the aerial parts of the city and the commander of the air and the BA 117;

- General senior commanders of the armed forces overseas or general commander of French forces in Germany;

- The director of personnel and general affairs of armaments;

- Guidelines for personnel assigned to the central level or school principals for other personnel (civilian personnel belonging in the direction of land armaments, management of naval construction, the direction of aircraft construction, management gear, in the conduct of research, studies and weapons technology, management of electronics and IT, serving the industrial monitoring armaments).

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