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The Order of Glory. Atiq Nishan-i-Iftikhar (Mohamed el Hadi)1902-1906 Officer

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The Order of Glory. Atiq Nishan-i-Iftikhar (Mohamed el Hadi) 1902-1906 Officer
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Constitutor: Mohamed el Hadi
Foundation date: 1902
Year award: 1902-1906
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Silber  + Emaille
Weight in (g). 45,5
Size in (mm). 47 x 75
Condition: II

The Order of Glory (Turkish: Nichan Iftikhar or Turkish: Atiq Nishan-i-Iftikhar) was a Tunisian honorary order founded in 1835 by Al-Mustafa ibn Mahmud the Bey of Tunisia. The order was awarded until the constitutional role of the Bey was abolished following 1957.

Background information 

The order essentially existed in two different models: the first awarded from its creation in 1835 and the second following 1859. Initially awarded in a single class, the order was reorganized and awarded in five classes following 1843 and expanded to six classes in 1882:

 1. Grand Cordon

 2. Grand-officer

 3. Commander

 4. Officer

 5. Knight of 1st class

 6. Knight of 2nd class

This order could be awarded to people of French nationality, cities (like Verdun), and other notable foreigners with some connection to Tunisia. It was given by the bey of Tunis on a proposal from the chief vizier for Tunisian subjects and, in all the other cases, on a proposal from the resident general of France (which occupies de facto the post of Foreign Minister of Tunisia). Although the resident general has a quota, this last remains about it always the large Master. Each bey having put his monogram on the center of the decoration, it is possible to determine the approximate award date of each order.

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