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The Order of the Crown of Romania Grand Officer Set, 1 Model

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The Order of the Crown of Romania Grand Officer Set, 1 Model
Number of awards: 80
manufactured: _________

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Grand Officer

Constitutor: Fürst Carol I.
Foundation date: 14.3.1881
Year award: 1881-1947
Origin / Provenance:
Material: Silver gilt + Emaille
Weight in (g). 49,1 / 47,9
Size in (mm). 83 x  83
60 x 61
Condition: II

The Order of the Crown (of Romania) is a chivalric order set up on 14 March 1881 by King Carol I of Romania to commemorate the establishment of the Kingdom of Romania.  It was awarded as a state order until the end of the Romanian monarchy in 1947. It was revived in 2011 as a Dynastic Order.

The order had five classes, most of them with limited numbers:

 Grand Cross (limited to 25)

 Grand Officer (limited to 80)

 Commander (limited to 150)

 Officer (limited to 300)

 Knight (unlimited numbers)


Knight's Cross (Model before 1932)

The religious character of the model of 1881 is a red-enamelled, eight-pointed Maltese Cross with wider margin of gold and white. In the angles of the cross were "C"s, the initials of the founder. The medallion in the middle of the cross shows a royal crown on dark red background. The medallion is surrounded by a white-frost edge surrounded the inscription PRIN NOI INSINE (by ourselves) and the order's foundation date of 14 March 1881. On the back of the medallion is the day of the statute as well as the years 1866 (referendum), 1877 (complete Romanian independence), 1881 (proclamation of Carol as King of Romania).


The Order's sash or ribbon is light blue with two silver stripes. Grand Cross members wore the decoration on a sash from the right shoulder to left waist, Grand Officers and Commanders around the neck and Knights and Officers on the left breast. For the two highest classes of the order an eight-pointed silver star was also worn on the left breast, Grand Cross members wearing it as an order-insignia and Grand Officers as a medallion, surrounded by 4 royal crowns since 1932.

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