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Jubilee medal 65 years of Defense of Moscow

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The jubilee medal "XX years of Workers and Peasants Red Army
Jubilee medal  65 years of Defense of Moscow

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Foundation date: 2010
Year award: 2010
Fabricator: Münzenhof   
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Material: brass     
Weight in (g).
Size in (mm). 35
Condition: II

Jubilee medal " 65 years of Defense of Moscow" is a public non-state award and is a golden metal disk 35 mm in diameter , hung with abalone and pentagonal rings to a standard block.
The obverse of the coin is placed relief depicting welded rails of the anti- " hedgehogs " against Spassky tower and the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. Above them in the cloudy sky , in the technique copperplate engravings, large convex inscription: 65 YEARS , at the bottom of the circle on the obverse of smaller letters written: the defense of Moscow .
Reversing the lower half of the face is the relief of the prince who had raised naked sword at the head of the closed system of ancient warriors. To the left of the sword of the Solomon squads depicted raised spears, right inscribed in raised letters legendary words of Alexander Nevsky : WHO TO RUSSIA WILL sword , perish by the sword . Feats of arms Rus led by Alexander Nevsky Yaroslavichem laid centuries-old tradition of armed resistance to German expansion - Drang nach Osten.
Pentagonal block covered with dark red ribbon 24 mm wide , bordered by narrow scarlet ( on the edges ) and white stripes . Centered tape goes wide black stripe , divided into two narrow golden stripe. The colors match the colors of tape historical coat of arms of Moscow - in crimson or scarlet of the shield a rider on a white horse with a spear struck gold black dragon .
Jubilee medal " 65 years of Defense of Moscow" is awarded veterans' organizations and is worn on the left breast after a state awards.

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