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The medal For 1500jährigen anniversary of Kiev

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The jubilee medal "XX years of Workers and Peasants Red Army
The medal For 1500jährigen anniversary of Kiev

Number of awards: 780.180
manufactured: 780.180

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Constitutor: The Supreme Soviet of the USSR
Foundation date: 10.5.1982
Year award: 1982
Fabricator: Münzenhof   (Gudj E.G.)
Origin / Provenance:
Material: brass     
Weight in (g).
Size in (mm). 32
Condition: II

The medal "For 1500jährigen anniversary of Kiev" (Russian Медаль «В память 1500 летия Киева") was awarded by the former Soviet Union, which on 10 May 1982 by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the occasion of the 1500th Anniversary of the founding of Kiev was founded.
Stylish look and manner
The medal is made of brass, bronze shimmer and has a diameter of 32 mm. It shows on their obverse the portrait of Lenin monument in front of a bright background. Front of the monument, the representatives of the city of Kiev are seen (left to right) in the form of a sailor, a tank driver, a soldier and a guerrilla fighter. This symbolism is enclosed by the above semicircular inscription: В память 1500 летия Киева (For 1500jährigen anniversary of Kiev). The reverse of the coin shows however coin at the top edge of the Badge of the Order of Hero of the Soviet Union and the subsequent two-line inscription below: ГОРОДУ-ГЕРОЮ СЛАВА! (Glorious City of Heroes). The conclusion is the appearance of the building of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR with banner and flag in Kiev and Saint Sophia Cathedral.
The medal was worn on the left side of the upper chest Beliehenen on a green pentagonal clasp, whose left 2 mm wide hem is red and the right, also 2 mm wide, light blue. In the middle of the belt, an 8 mm wide, red vertical center strip is woven. This in turn is passed through 0.5 mm wide, with two yellow yarns, the inner of which is 1 mm away from the outer.

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