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The medal 80 Years of the USSR Armed Forces

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The medal 80 Years of the USSR Armed Forces
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Foundation date: 10.12.1997
Year award: 1997
Fabricator: Münzenhof 
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Material: bras  
Weight in (g). 14.5
Size in (mm). 32
Condition: II

In the USSR, the first commemorative military medal in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Red Army was established January 24, 1938 Since then, the army anniversaries that are multiples of ten years , marked by medals, the last of which was released on January 28, 1988 for the 70th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the USSR . In the tradition of an independent Russia could be lost forever , because it is no longer a Feb. 23 birthday of the Army . In these circumstances, PPSND December 10, 1997 established the medal "80 years of the Ar med Forces of the USSR ", which has become the most in demand, due to the fact that it is intended not only to honor the veterans of the Armed Forces who have solid experience of life , but reserve soldiers who have served the period of service in the Armed forces of the USSR and the Russian Federation. The plot of the front side of the coin can be said is traditional : against the background of the Soviet flag , gun barrels and missiles - the figure of a soldier in a greatcoat and a helmet with a gun PCA on the chest, along the rim: "80 years of the Armed Forces of the USSR" and laurel branches . On the flip side : at the top - a five-pointed star in the center of the Armed Forces of the USSR motto : " For our Soviet Motherland" on the right - a laurel branch .

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