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The medal For the Defense of Stalingrad (Var.-3)

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The medal For the Defense of Stalingrad (Var.-3)
Number of awards: 52.560
manufactured: 759.560

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Constitutor: Soviet Central Executive Committee
Foundation date: 22.12.1942
Year award: 1942-45
Fabricator: Münzenhof USSR (Moskalev N.I)
Origin / Provenance:
Material: Bronze        
Weight in (g). 14,5
Size in (mm). 32
Condition: II

The medal "For the Defense of Stalingrad (Russian Медаль" За оборону Сталинграда ") was a Soviet award during the Second World War during the Battle of Stalingrad, which led to the successful defense of the city of Stalingrad by the Red Army. Your Foundation on 22 December 1942 by Josef Stalin. The award was presented to all those members of the Red Army, between the 12th July and 19 November 1942 participated honorably in the defense of Stalingrad. As of 1995 the medal was awarded to nearly 760,000 people.
Stylish look and manner
The bronze medal on their obverse shows a closed center series with forward facing Red Army bayonets and tanks and planes behind which flies the flag of the Soviet Union. In the semi-circular inscription: За оборону Сталинграда (For the defense of Stalingrad) to read. Between the word and defend Stalingrad Soviet star is impressed. The reverse depicts the three-line inscription: За советскую родину (For our Soviet Motherland). The medal was worn on the left side of the upper chest Beliehenen of an elongated pentagonal fabric-covered buckle, the basic color is light green with red center stripe woven vertically. The accompanying interim clip is of the same nature.

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