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Ushakov Medal (Var.-1, Nr.2704

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Ushakov Medal (Var.-1, Nr.2704)
Number of awards: 15704
manufactured: 16.080
Number: 2.704

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Number range:

 min. 1 - max. 15704

Constitutor: Soviet Central Executive Committee
Foundation date: 3.3.1944
Year award: 1944-92
Fabricator: Münzenhof USSR (M.A. Shepilevsky)
Origin / Provenance:
Material: Silver         
Weight in (g). 34,65
Size in (mm). 48,5 x 49
Condition: II

The Medal of Ushakov (Russian Медаль Ушакова) was a military decoration of the former Soviet Union, which on 3 March 1944 was donated by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet in one stage. You will also still awarded today by the Russian Federation.
The relatively late foundation of the coin in the spring of 1944 meant that the medal was awarded during the Great Patriotic War little and very economical. The First ceremony took place on 20 April 1944 to the cadets Gorochow SW and WP Stepanenko and the Sergeant WI Schewbunow the Black Sea Fleet. The First ceremony to members of the Northern Fleet on 26 May 1944 at the First Sergeant N. W. Fadeev. Overall, it was up to the war, more than 13,000 times awarded.

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