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Order of the Badge of Honour (Typ.-4,Var-2, Art.-3, Nr.398136)

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Order of the Badge of Honour  (Typ.-4,Var-2, Art.-3, Nr.398136)
Number of awards: 100000
manufactured: 1.580.850
Number: 398.136

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Klasse: -
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min Nr.371684, -max. 591255

Constitutor: The Central Executive Committee, USSR
Foundation date: 25.11.1935
Year award: 1953-1988
Fabricator: Münzenhof RSFSR (Golyadkin D.S.)
Origin / Provenance:
Material: Silver gild      
Weight in (g). 34
Size in (mm). 33 x 49
Condition: II


The Order of the Badge of Honour was established on 25 November 1935 sponsored by the Central Executive Committee of the USSR and has been awarded for achievements in the work. Strangely, the statutes were written for this order only in 1980 and it is unknown why it took so long. Before the Great Patriotic War (1941-45), approximately 14,500 orders "badge of honor" awarded approximately 66,000 by the end of the war and more than 1,500,000 in 1988. 1988 Order "badge of honor" by the Order of Honor was replaced.
The Order of the Badge of Honour is oval and shows on the front of a man and a woman, each holding a red flag, throw three folds on the edges of the Cyrillic words for "united proletarians of the world you" written in gold letters . stand Between the peaks above flag is a five-armed star. Flags and star are enamelled red. The top half of the Cyrillic letters "CCCP" are semicircular be mounted extending over both flags. The letters of "CCCP" lettering are gold-colored. Below the picture are the words Cyrillic for "badge of honor" ("Znak Pocheta"). This applies to all types of Order, except for the last type "Order of Honor" in which the words are replaced "badge of honor" by golden hammer & sickle.

The Type 4 "Badge of Honor" was from 1953 to about 28 December 1988 was granted. The main difference with the previous type of the association was the front and rear, the character of the order was intact. On the reverse of the order, there is a pronounced deepening regular oval. There are no rivets in the back. Marked "MINT" located in the upper part of the back in two lines in raised letters, the word "MINT" is in an arc (from 10 to 2 hours in a clockwise direction), and the word "court" is horizontal. Order is horizontal at the bottom of the order.
Var 1 Type 2 The worker has no belt .. The letters "USSR" are separate from the order and are attached by soldering. Angravieurt number is on the ground oval. The horizontal line at the point-missing.

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