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Hero of Socialist Labour (Nr. 6280) Gold 23 Kr.

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Hero of Socialist Labour (Nr. 6280) Gold 23 Kr.
Number of awards: 8879
manufactured: 19.000
Number: 6.280

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Constitutor: Bureau of Obesten Soviet of the USSR
Foundation date: 27.12.1938
Year award: 1943-1991
Fabricator: Münzenhof
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Material: Gold 23 Kr.
Weight in (g). 15,25/ 29,2
Size in (mm). 33,5
Condition: II

Hero of Socialist Labor (Russian Герой Социалистического Труда / Geroi Sozialistitscheskogo Truda; wiss.Transliteration Geroj Socialističeskogo Truda) is a title of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on 27 December 1938 introduced by decree.

These titles were people who had made ​​outstanding and innovative achievements earned by the economic development of the USSR. It was one of the highest honors in the country and was awarded with the Order of Lenin.
On 22 May 1940 was a separate medal Hammer and Sickle introduced in gold on a red ribbon, the wurde.Wurde awarded with the Order of Lenin and the award of an instrument given a second time to the same person, they received a second hammer and sickle medal. In general, a bronze bust was made, which was set up in the home of so honored.
The award of the No. 1 was on 20 December 1939, the day before his 60th Birthday, Joseph Stalin awarded.

Up to 1 September 1971 were 16,245 persons (including 4497 women) this award. 105 people, including 25 women, have been honored several times.
Only the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet could a person avoid this title. This happened, for example, the physicist and Nobel laureate Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov, who lost his three awards, "Hero of Socialist Labor" in January 1980, after he criticized the Western media twice the invasion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

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