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Order of the Patriotic War (Typ-2,Var.-2,Art.3 Nr.515252)

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Order of the Patriotic War (Typ-2,Var.-2,Art.3 KMD Nr.515252)
Number of awards: 97445
manufactured: 951.652
Number: 515.252

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Klasse: 2
Number range:

min Nr.482535, -max. 579980

Constitutor: Soviet Central Executive Committee
Foundation date: 20.6.1942
Year award: 1945
Fabricator: Münzenhof USSR (B.K.Kupriyanov B.B. Gollenetsky)
Origin / Provenance:
Material: Silver +Gold + Emaille
Weight in (g). 23
Size in (mm). 43 x 46
Condition: II

The Order of the Patriotic War was on 20 Instituted in May 1942 and was the first Soviet medals, the wurde.Der donated during World War II Order of the Patriotic War was awarded in two classes, of which the first class was superior. The Order was awarded to team grades and officers of the Red Army, of the naval forces, to NKVD troops and partisan divisions, the courage, bravery and courage in the struggle for the Soviet motherland and also and military service providers that help with your actions to a successful combat mission . The Order is bestowed by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. It was possible to give this order several times in a person. The original statutes saw before, to give the medal next to members of the armed forces and civilians, units and organizations, but this was on 16 Amended in December 1947. Even foreigners were entitled to this order, but what 18 July 1980 was also changed. The statutes of this order are too extensive to list them on this website. The individual actions are described in detail, resulting in the award of the Order. The Order of the Patriotic War is worn on the right breast.

The Order of UK is made of gold and silver. The order consists of a silver five-armed star, whose arms are enameled red and in the center sits a white enamelled ring with the Cyrillic words for "Patriotic War" and in the center of the ring gold hammer & sickle. Behind it is offset a five-armed star also mounted on the run from the inside out and it beams sword and gun are shown diagonally. Both classes of the Order of the Patriotic War have 2 types. Type 1 was to change the rules on carrying 19 July 1943 carried on a rectangular carrier clip, the screw back and screw back hat.Nach July 1943 was the carrying away clasp and the screw thread and screw back were attached directly to the Order.

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