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Order of the Red Star (Typ-6, Var.-1,Art.-5 Nr.2074024) Silver

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Order of the Red Star (Typ-6, Var.-1,Art.-5 Nr.2074024)
Number of awards: 50000
manufactured: 3.876.740
Number: 2.074.024

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min Nr. 1792164 - max 1949660

Constitutor: Soviet Central Executive Committee
Foundation date: 6.4.1930
Year award: 1945
Fabricator: Münzenhof USSR (B.K.Kupriyanov B.B. Gollenetsky)
Origin / Provenance:
Material: Silver  + Emaille
Weight in (g). 28,32
Size in (mm). 47 x 50
Condition: II

The Order of the Red Star (Russian Орден Красной Звезды / Order Krasnoi zvozdy) was a Soviet military award.
It was on 6 Introduced in April 1930 and awarded for "outstanding service during the defense of the Soviet Union in Peace and War" soldiers of the Red Army and the Soviet Navy. First receiver was in September 1930, the General Vasily Blucher, as the Marshal of the "Great Terror" was destroyed later.
The Order of the Red Star was one of the most awards of the Soviet Army and was awarded three million to two million soldiers. He was also awarded in recognition of many years of service until it was replaced by a specially provided for this service award.
Description and carrying method
The award consisted of a glass-lined, red, pentagonal Soviet star with a central hook of a soldier holding gun. Among the soldiers, there was the abbreviation "СССР"; around him the motto of the "Communist Manifesto" "Workers of the world unite" in Russian. At the lower part of the hammer and sickle were to star.
belt buckle
The Order is worn in original size on the right chest. The belt buckle was dark red with a silver stripe vertically in the middle.

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