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The Order of Lenin (Typ-4, Art.-B, LMD. Nr.328627) Gold 23 Kr. Platinum 23 Kr.

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Albania Order of Skanderbeg Grand Officer/Grand Cross set in silver
Number of awards: 70.152
manufactured: 431.418
Number: 328.627

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Constitutor: the Soviet Central Executive Committee
Foundation date: 6.04.1930
Year award: 1955-1957
Fabricator: Münzenhof USSR
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Silber vergoldet + Emaille
Weight in (g). 57,7 / 45
Size in (mm). 83 x 83
80 x 54
Condition: II

The Order of Lenin (Russian Орден Ленина / transliteration Order Lenina) was named after Lenin highest award of the Soviet Union.
He was born on 6 Coins April 1930 introduced by the Soviet Central Executive Committee. The Order of Lenin was awarded to:

Officials for outstanding contributions to the state,
Workers for outstanding work performance,
Military for exemplary commitment to the service and to
Recipients of the awards Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Socialist Labor.

With it, people were excellent, promoted the friendship between peoples and the peace or of Soviet society or the state contributed outstanding services. The Order was also awarded to factories, cities, regions or republics. The Order was awarded to the same person multiple times, eight cases of carriers are documented eleven times.

During World War II, about 36,000 orders were awarded to soldiers of the Red Army and Allied forces, with further 5,000 civilians were excellent.
The religious character of the Order einklassigen was a round medallion with a portrait of Lenin looking to the left, hovered over the flag with a red enameled the Cyrillic inscription "ЛЕНИН" (Lenin). The medallion was surrounded by a golden wreath of grain was left a little red star and below the hammer and sickle symbol. The order was carried on a pentagonal clasp. The ribbon was red with golden border strip on both sides twice. The medallion was made ​​in pure gold and the portrait of Lenin in platinum

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