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Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau. Grand officer with swords

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Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau. Grand officer with swords
Number of awards: 19
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Großoffizier Set / Grand Officer

Constitutor: Adolphs von Nassau
Foundation date: 8.5.1858
Year award: 1856
Fabricator: A. Moussault
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Silver gold + Emaille
Weight in (g). 75,55
Size in (mm). 69 x 69
Condition: II
The Order of Adolphe of Nassau, named after the founder's will as Herzoglich Nassauischer Military and Civil Merit Medal Adolphus of Nassau, was founded on May 8, 1858 by Duke Adolf I of Nassau.
The Order was the lion of Nassau, not in its valence and was developed to commemorate the German king Adolf of Nassau for services to the country for loyalty and the so-called "attachment" awarded to the ducal house. Also achievements in art and science should be honored with this Order.

The Duchy of Nassau military and civil earnings Adolphus of Nassau (full name) was founded on May 8, 1858 by the Duke Adolph I. in memory of King Adolph of Nassau. This was in 1292 elected emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. He was the first of the following classes: Grand Cross, Commander 1st and 2nd class, Knight and 4th grade (owner). Grand Cross and Commander 1st class were also awarded to the cross with breast star. Commanders 2nd Class were awarded without breast star. The crosses of the first 3 classes take on the order cross a golden, pierced crown. The Knight's Cross is golden and has enameled cross arms and central shield. 4. The class is a silver cross with enameled signs means. In 1860, the order was expanded to include the Silver Cross of Merit. All classes were in military personnel with swords crossed awarded through the center.
The award of the Knight's Cross with Swords number is 119 pcs.
The Order is awarded by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with altered Inscription of back on. This is now - 1292 - / - 1860 -.
A white enamelled eight-pointed cross of St. John with gold edging and small gold balls at the cross points, which is coated with a round medallion on the front cross.
This also white enameled medallion shows in the middle of an old German A with the German imperial crown in gold above. A blue enamel hoop, gold caught, surrounding the medallion. The upper half shows two ripe golden laurel branches and the other half is the currency Virtute Medal in gold.
The decoration back pointing at white enamel gold two dates in 1292 and 1858. In the Order of the Grand Cross and Commander is a gold openwork ducal crown above the cross. This crown is absent in the other classes. For holders of IV. Class is the decoration of silver. In the versions for military personnel are all with two crossed swords, golden handle and silver blade, fitted in the cross angles.

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