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Order of Philip the Magnanimous. Breast Star Commander's Cross

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Order of Philip the Magnanimous. Breast Star Commander's Cross
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Breast Star Commander's Cross 

Constitutor: Großherzog Ludwig II.
Foundation date: 1.5.1840
Year award: 1849
Fabricator: C.F.Rothe Wien
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Silver + Gold + Emaille              
Weight in (g). 63,2
Size in (mm). 62 x 62
Condition: II
The Order of Philip the Magnanimous was born on May 1, 1840. By Grand Duke Ludwig II of Hesse donated in memory of the ancestors of the house of Philip I of its name-as a general Order of Merit. The reigning monarch was Grand Master of the Order and was ranked just behind the Ludwig Order.

Medal classes

The Order was first instituted in four classes

Grand Cross
I. and II. Class

In the course of its existence has seen many changes in the statutes. 1849 Foundation of a silver cross as class V and introduction of crossed swords through the cross angle in gold or silver for the cross. The Knight's Cross was divided from 1859 in Knight I. and II. Class. 1876 ​​the company was renamed the Order in Grand Duchy of Hesse Philip Medal. As a special favor from the Order could come to the ceremony in 1881 by adding a golden crown strap. In 1893 the award of the Order was restricted with swords and awarded only for outstanding achievements in the course of a war. However, a ceremony of civilians was provided and expressly possible. 1900 saw the foundation of the Cross of Honor, that between the Commander II. Class and the Knight's Cross First Class was located.

One last change was made in 1911, with the cross slot of the commanders received golden rays in the angles of the cross arms.

Overall, the Order consisted of seven classes until the end of the monarchy in 1918.

Grand Cross
Commander I. and II. Class
Cross of Honor
Knight I. and II. Class
Silver Cross

Medal Decoration

The religious character is a golden white enamelled Templar cross with a high resting oval dark blue enamelled medallion (1 model). It is I see the colored image of the Landgrave Philip. He holds in his left hand a fourfold ornate floor, with the right he has his sword. To the medallion a white enamelled frost runs with the inscription in golden letters SI DEUS NOBISCUM QUIS CONTRA NOS (If God is with us, who can be against us). In reverse an award-winning striated and Hessian lion wearing an upward sword in his right paw. In frost LUDOVICUS II FLUX. DUX Hassiae INSTIT. (Ludwig II. Grand Duke of Hesse has built).

As of 1849, instead of the highly oval medallions a round and it is used to view the obverse faces towards the left launched golden chest of Philip. The same was true as of this date and for the breast star.
Carrying method

The Grand Cross was worn on a sash from the left shoulder to the right hip, and with an eight-pointed silver-made breast star, which shows the image of the medallion. Owner of the Commendatore I. and II. Class decorated the award neck Medal, the first class also wore a cross slot. The Cross of Honor is golden in the hoop, made of silver and otherwise made without enamel. The Knight's Cross differs only by the size of 40 x 40 to 37 x 36.5 mm and, like the Silver Cross that was made entirely without enamel, worn on the ribbon on the left chest.

The ribbon is crimson with narrow blue stripes board.

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