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Order of Merit of the Sacred. Michael. Grand Cross breast star

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Order of Merit of the Sacred. Michael Grand Cross breast star
Number of awards: 29
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Grand Cross breast star

Constitutor: Joseph Clemens von Bayern
Foundation date: 29.9.1693
Year award: 1887-1918
Fabricator: Lemaitre A Paris
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Silver  + gild+ Emaille              
Weight in (g). 63,36
Size in (mm). 79 x 79
Condition: II
The Order of St. Michael was on September 29, 1693 by Joseph Clemens of Bavaria, then Archbishop of Cologne, was established Knights.

Unlike the Fraternal Order of St. Michael, founded at the same time he was only the nobility open. Members should, through prayer and the sacraments, but also financial benefits defend the Catholic faith under the protection of the Archangel. Listed they were in the annually updated Calendrier Nouveau, in which each member was given its own page with Coat of Arms, copper engraving portrait and names of all titles.

Seat of the Rhine branch of the Order of Michael was the 1751-57 specially built Koblenz Gate in Bonn, domestic church, the late Romanesque Chapel of St Michael at the Godesburg in Bonn district of Bad Godesberg. The Bavarian branch shared with the Fraternal Order Munich Baroque Church of St. Michael in Berg am Laim district.

In the Rhineland, the Order was already with the secularization of Fürsterzbistums Cologne in 1803. By King Maximilian I Joseph's continued existence in 1808 regulated the effect after the secularization that the Order continues, but no one could be recorded without his consent in it. On February 16, 1837 declared King Ludwig I, the abolition of the order.

At the same time the Neustiftung followed by the name of Merit of St. Michael. These were all people without distinction of rank, birth and religion, who was acquired by devotion, by patriotism and excellent useful work of any kind the particular satisfaction of the king are recorded.
Grand Cross
First Class
II. Class with star
II. Class
III. Class
IV. Class with Crown
Order of Merit
Silver Medal of Merit

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