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Order of the Crown Prussia 4 Classe 1863-1866

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Order of the Crown (Prussia) 4 Classe
Number of awards: 800
manufactured: 2041

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4 Classe

Constitutor: König Wilhelm I
Foundation date: 18.10.1861
Year award: 1863-1866
Origin / Provenance: -
Material: Bronz + Emaille
Weight in (g). 14,7
Size in (mm). 51 x 40
Condition: II
After the death of his brother Friedrich Wilhelm IV. On January 2, 1861 William I. ascended the Prussian throne. At his coronation on 18 October 1861 in the Castle Church (Königsberg) - the first of a Prussian monarchs since 1701 - played the Prussian royal crown a central role. At this event remade, it was the symbol of Wilhelm as understood and proclaimed in the ceremony divine right.  Their unique stylization is already found in the crown elevation of 1842 created Army Medal in Silver (later renamed the Red Eagle medal) and in the new lapel Temple of Honour in general, the Henry Lawrence had cut in 1847. She sat down gradually by the Prussian Staatsheraldik and in the design of the royal monograms.
The Prussian Crown was founded on October 18, 1861 by King William I as a general Order of Merit on the occasion of his coronation in Königsberg and assimilated in November of the same year in the Prussian Order of the Red Eagle hierarchy.

The order consists of four classes:

First Class
II. Class with or without star
III. Class
IV. Class

All classes were, like the Red Eagle Order, in many different variants, such. As with swords (which were held in 1864 introduced the occasion of the German-Danish War), with swords on the ring, with long service awards numbers, with cross of St. John, with medical cross for 1870 etc be awarded..
Awards numbers

The first class (including swords and distinctions) was 28 times from 1861 to 1862, 1863 to 1868 81 times, 1869-1916 2,352 times and 91 times from 1917 to 1918, ie 1861 to 1918 a total of 2,553 times awarded.

The II. Class (including swords and distinctions) was 1861-1862 100 times, 37 times, with star, 1863-1868 422 times, 101 times with star, 1869-1916 12,105 times, of which 3,674 times with star and 1917-1918 840 times, including once with star, awarded 202 with star, ie from 1861 to 1918 a total of 13,467 times since-from 4,014 times.

The III. Class (including swords and distinctions) was 1861-1862 221 times, 1863-1868 1,508 times, 1869-1916 28341 times and 1004 times from 1917 to 1918, ie 1861 to 1918 a total of 31,074 times awarded.

The IV. Class (including swords and distinctions) was 1861-1862 488 times, 1863-1868 55878 times, 1869-1916 28 341 times and 1,227 times from 1917 to 1918, ie 1861 to 1918 a total of 60,231 times awarded.

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